Monday, 15 February 2016


by Sara Moruno and Mariona Noguera

When Christmas was nearly here, the students and the teachers of Catalonia, Poland, Turkey and Hungary prepared a box full of Christmas objects that are typical in each country, to send it to our partners. Each thing had a number and we uploaded in the padlet powerpoints, videos and explanations with numbers to let them know what those things were.
We also sent a class photo wishing them a very Merry Christmas. Everybody signed the card. 
Besides, we asked them through skype chat some questions about how they celebrate Christmas.  

If  you want to see all the students Christmas productions, click on the following links.


Here are some pictures about the Turkish box. Unfortunately, we had some problems in the Customs and we haven't been able to recieve the box. It was a pity!
This is the Turkish box
These are the presents that our Turkish partners sent us.

The Turkish students.
The Turkish students with Catalan presents. 

Turkish students opening the box.

Habibe, the Turkish teacher with presents from Catalonia

GREAT VIDEO: Polish students opening the box from Catalonia!

Opening the box from our Catalan friends!

 Polish students with Catalan group photo Xmas card!!
 Let's go partying
 Reading Xmas card from their Catalan friends
 Galets de Nadal! let's cook!

Tió, Tió...

This is the box from Hungary!
Students from 3rd A tasting some chocolates from Hungary

Two students cutting a typical Hungarian cake! Yummy Yummy
GREAT VIDEO: Catalan students opening the box from Poland

The English teacher opening the box from Poland.
3rd C students tasting some sweets and chocolates from Poland! Everything was delicious but... the gingerbread biscuits - just a few students loved them!

Students taking their Xmas cards and souvenirs

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