Friday, 12 February 2016

Christmas Day in the INS Miquel Martí i Pol:

By Josep Tarrés Pagespetit
Christmas Day in INS Miquel Martí i Pol
Every year, before Christmas holidays, INS Miquel Martí i Pol celebrates Christmas throughout many different activities and a festival. Both teachers and students have a great time preparing and performing the festival. 

This is the schedule of the 22nd December:

9 am – 10 am
All the students goes to the high school to receive the academic report of the first term. These is important because we are very worried to know the marks.

10 am – 11 am
After getting the report we had the “amic invisible” (secret Santa) with the tutor in our classroom.
Amic invisible” is a kind of game that we play for Christmas. What does it consist of?
Each student takes a paper from a bag with a name of a student in the class, then he or she will give a special gift to the person on the paper.
When we finished the “l'amic invisible”, we went to the High School's lobby and all the students of the institute paid 1 Euro and then we took a one portion of “coca” (coca is a traditional type of pastry of Catalonia) with the pastry we could choose dark chocolate, white chocolate or hot chocolate. While we ate , in the second flour there was a concert of the students that they play one instrument.

11 am- 12 am
At 11 am all of the students went to the gymnasium to see the gags of the other groups. Every group interpreted one choreography that they had created and rehearsed tow weeks before.
What is a “gag”? A “gag” is a performance with the objective to make the public have a very funny time.
How do we do it? We create “Gags” with one song and all the students in the class invent a choreography to dance with the song. The objective of these gags is to have a good time whit all the people of the high school.

12 am- 13 am

The students of second of Batxillerat raffle a basket with food products to get money for the final school year trip. Moreover, the Green delegates give a souvenir for those students who came to school by bike or walking during the Green Week.

This is a video about Christmas Day in the High school


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